What is my Inquiry?

As a rising senior feb at Middlebury College with a younger sister about to enter the school as a freshman, I reflected on my experience at Middlebury so far. I realized that there was a lack of services the Middlebury Mobile App provided that could serve every member of the community everyday. This led me to my idea for this personal inquiry, which is to explore how we have used the app in the past, and ask if there are ways in which we can improve it?

How will I do it?

  • Establish a relationship with the Office of Communications and Marketing in order to learn more about the current Middlebury App and what services it provides.
  • Conduct research on other College’s Mobile apps, gather information about possible features for Apps
  • Make the project more Midd-specific and create ideas for possible improvements/additions to the current App by collecting feedback from my peers.
  • Finally, be in open communication with the Office of Communications and Marketing about my findings and perhaps begin to implement the idea’s I have found.